Support Groups and Resources for Patients in Northern Virginia

Inova offers a variety of support groups & resources for patients in Northern Virginia including Reston, Leesburg, Ashburn & more. Learn more.

Support Groups and Resources for Patients in Northern Virginia

Are you looking for support groups or resources for patients in Northern Virginia? Look no further! Inova provides a wide range of support services in the area, including Reston, Leesburg, Ashburn, Manassas, Burke, Alexandria, and Metro Washington D. C. The Virginia Bariatric Surgery Center in Reston offers a comprehensive surgical support team that includes experienced bariatric nurses, nutritionists, physical therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists, as well as patient support groups. Additionally, the Virginia Center for Bariatric Surgery specializes in minimally invasive surgical treatment of morbid obesity.

Inova also provides free stroke support groups in convenient locations across Northern Virginia to help both patients and caregivers. For those seeking weight-loss surgery, Matthew Fitzer is one of the top weight-loss surgeons in Fairfax County, Virginia. He specializes in abdominal band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and revision surgery. Inova's support services are designed to provide patients with the best possible care and resources to help them manage their health. The team of experts at Inova is dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support to patients throughout their journey.

From pre-operative education to post-operative follow-up care, Inova's team of professionals is committed to helping patients achieve their health goals. In addition to Inova's support services, there are many other resources available to patients in Northern Virginia. Local hospitals and medical centers offer a variety of support groups and resources for patients. Additionally, there are numerous online resources available that provide information on health topics such as nutrition, exercise, and mental health. No matter what type of support or resources you are looking for in Northern Virginia, there is something available to help you manage your health. From support groups to specialized medical care, Inova has the resources you need to help you achieve your health goals.

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